Solar PV and battery storage demand continues to soar


by Stuart Munro



Birmingham exhibition

By Mike Cruickshank, i-Protech

A recent visit to NEC Birmingham for Solar & Storage Live UK 2022 confirmed what we in the industry have known all year, that the uptake of solar PV and battery storage has far exceeded what anyone predicted a year ago.

Several of the team from i-Protech attended the event, which was UK’s largest renewable energy exhibition uniting the solar, storage, and EV industries to power the energy system of the future. With more than 150 exhibitors, it was an excellent chance to meet, share ideas and do business.

It was encouraging to see that in line with the massive increase in solar PV and battery storage sales, the design of the technology has leapt forward, keeping pace with the upsurge. All-in-one inverters and batteries are the next big trend, allowing all cables to be hidden, giving them a clean, sleek look.

There was a lot to grab the attention – higher output panels, off-grid solutions, combined solar PV and battery storage in single units, and new EV charge points. It was good to expand our knowledge of products and identify when and how they will provide the best outcome for our customers. As a result, i-Protech can now offer an expanded range of components which offer solutions to any solar PV of battery install.

As well as seeing the new products in development and upcoming technology, the exhibition gave us a rare opportunity to network, and it was interesting to hear the views of manufacturers and suppliers.

My personal takeaway from the exhibition is that much like electric cars, I believe this technology is here to stay and would be a worthwhile investment for anyone. There will always be nay-sayers but it’s a universally accepted truth that we must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and this is a step everyone can take.

Mike Cruickshank is Electrical Manager at i-Protech.

To find out more about i-Protech and what we do, reach out to the team or visit our website.


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