Next level protection


Electrical ♦ Fire ♦ Security ♦ Automation

Electrical safety

i-Protech is SELECT accredited and has COMPEX certified electricians; meaning staff can work safely in challenging environment.

Fire prevention

i-Protech has invested heavily in the provision of fire alarms, fire extinguishers and safety training to effectively support our customers and keep them and their properties safe.

Security systems

The business installs, maintains and services all types of CCTV systems and intruder alarms for domestic and commercial properties.


Renewable energy is useful energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale.

Electric Vehicles

i-Protech is an Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) authorised installer for vehicle charge points and can process grants for both home and workplace units.

Who we are ?


We are certified

i-Protech is SELECT accredited, a member of the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) and has COMPEX certified electricians.


We are award winners

Our ethos of delivering ‘professional technology’ has created a genuine competitive advantage and allowed the award-winning business to establish itself as an expert in its field.


We have experience

We have a proven track-record working across the energy, property, housebuilding, industrial and agriculture sectors, among others, to provide extensive facility services – covering multiple disciplines.