Fire safety and prevention are critical across every premises in every industry. That’s why i-Protech is committed to raising fire safety awareness, offering practical support and providing innovative products to effectively support our customers and keep them and their properties safe.

i-Protech has invested heavily in the provision of the latest equipment as well as safety training.

We design and install fire alarm systems, while working with carefully selected industry partners to provide additional products and services such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms and hydrant and riser testing that fit with our technology-led ethos.

fire Training

At i-Protech we provide a range of fire training courses in Aberdeen. It is now falls within an employer’s duty of care to ensure that members of staff are trained in the use of Fire Extinguishers, how to raise the alarm, and how to evacuate the premises.

Legal requirements

All existing commercial buildings are subject to the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the competent person, as defined in the act, has to conduct a fire risk assessment. The main standard for fire alarm systems is BS5839 Part 1:2013. 

Your fire risk assessment will determine the grade of fire alarm, or level of fire protection that your company premises requires.

The i-Protech team offers a ‘one-stop shop’, covering every aspect of fire safety and prevention. As well as supplying quality fire protection equipment from a host of market-leading brands, we provide unrivalled industry expertise and insight that means customers can be confident they’re up-to-date with all legal compliance.

fire extinguishers

For any business, it’s vital that your fire extinguishers work perfectly – first time, every time. If you’re lucky enough to have never needed to use them before, how can you tell if they’re up to the job?

Our professional servicing includes comprehensive checks of all extinguisher components; assessing the class of fire extinguisher you need and ensuring extinguishers are working to legal standards.
Having a reliable fire safety service means you can keep people safe and fulfil your business’s legal and insurance requirements. We offer servicing for all types of extinguishers, so you can rest assured your fire extinguisher servicing is in safe hands.

i-Protech offers a range of innovative and traditional fire extinguishers to suit all customer requirements. Our range of Firexo extinguishers are multi-functional and can put out any type of blaze – saving valuable space and reducing service costs over the lifetime of the produc

Design and installation

i-Protech can design, supply and install a fire detection and alarm system to any level and to meet the requirements of any business. This work incorporates the latest technologies, ensuring flexible design for both conventional and addressable systems to BS5839 Part1 – 2013 and wire-free systems to BS5839 Part 4.

The purpose of installing a fire alarm system is to protect people’s lives and property. We place critical importance on detailed and practical design planning, including consultation with all interested parties. Because different systems are designated a system type (P, L or M), each demands special attention when selecting the appropriate equipment and designing the overall fire system.

The installation of fire detection and alarm systems is understandably controlled to strict criteria. After job completion, we can supply an electronic “as fitted” manual, which allows the client to view compliance certificates and then store them electronically ready for inspection when required.

We go above and beyond existing legislation to ensure that your premises adheres to all relevant safety standards and has the necessary level of protection. We can provide wireless fire alarm systems for listed or high-end buildings.

Fire warden training

Having a designated fire warden at work is an important part of fire safety. The fire warden works together with the employer to ensure that all relevant fire safety measures and evacuation procedures are in place and effective.

i-Protech runs regular training courses which provide delegates with the necessary confidence and information required to be a qualified fire warden, take responsibility for fire safety in their workplace and protect everyone’s wellbeing.

Each session covers everything from establishing what legal duties are involved and understanding effective fire safety arrangements to familiarising individuals with common fire hazards and types of fire, whilst detailing what emergency evacuation procedures should entail.

Practical training, such as the proper use of fire extinguishers, is also crucial to ensure fire wardens can operate equipment safely and without putting themselves and others at risk. Supplementary courses are available to offer more in-depth information to support delegates carry out key aspects of their role.

This combination helps ensure individuals are fully prepared and knowledgeable about how to respond safely in case of an emergency.

Service and maintenance

i-Protech can service and maintain your fire detection and alarm system, even if we did not install it. We can also provide monitoring of your fire alarm, so that in the event of an alarm activation, a digital signal is sent to our alarm receiving centre – who will automatically call the fire brigade, reducing the time it takes to reach your premises.

We have a dedicated team of engineers that are fully-qualified to perform fire system commissioning.