The business installs, maintains and services all types of CCTV systems and intruder alarms for domestic and commercial properties.

In addition, i-Protech supports the farming sector across our native Aberdeenshire through our range of security solutions, automatic barriers and data recognition.

We are always looking to further enhance our range of technical capabilities in areas such as data security following customer demand for increased peace of mind.

Intruder alarm systems

We offer bespoke system solutions for your family home or business, using only the latest, proven technology. With our domestic and commercial range of intruder alarms, all our branded equipment is tried, tested and trusted – while the company is SSAIB accredited.

Businesses and homeowners trust us to protect their valuable assets and possessions. We offer wired, wireless and hybrid systems, which are all installed and maintained to the highest possible standard to keep you and your family or colleagues safe and secure.

With the latest technology, our intruder alarms can be monitored via an app on your phone – giving you the confidence, freedom and flexibility to monitor and control your system from anywhere in the world.
It also provides a log to view who is coming and going from your self-monitored property or site, including instant notifications of any system activation.
We pride ourselves on our customer service, including aftercare, and can provide a preventative maintenance contract, if required, to meet all industry standards and requirements. Our systems can also be connected to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

CCTV systems

CCTV can be an extremely effective deterrent to prevent crime as well as providing live monitoring. At i-Protech, we are an SSAIB accredited installer and offer an extensive range of bespoke CCTV systems for all your residential or commercial needs.

Footage and data can be transmitted wirelessly over long distances which can be ideal in rural or remote locations. We can also upgrade older systems to provide the latest, advanced images available. All our systems have the functionality to be set-up for remote viewing on a smartphone or tablet computer.

We also offer a range of CCTV systems for agricultural purposes, such as monitoring calving and lambing. The adoption of CCTV provides farmers with remote monitoring, so they don’t always need to be present and minimises human intervention to avoid distressing the animals.

As a result, multiple sites can be monitored simultaneously, from anywhere in the world, as well as reducing journeys during the night or in adverse weather.

Access control, gates and barriers

We can integrate CCTV with new or existing access barriers, while automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) cameras can identify and open the barrier to vehicles that have been pre-programmed into the system.

Our team has installed security barriers at numerous sites that manage entry to farms and other agricultural/commercial properties to enhance security across large stretches of land with multiple entry points.

Electronic access control provides the most convenient and effective way to provide security for people and contents in a building. These systems have several advantages over mechanical locks, including no keys which can be lost or stolen – and no need for expensive and time-consuming lock and key replacement if security has been breached.

We can also offer biometric access control systems as well as the traditional fobs, swipe cards and PIN codes. The use of biometrics means users don’t need to carry a card or any other identification method, adding a further level of security ensuring that users are positively identified and are not using someone else’s card or PIN.

We can also supply, install and upgrade door entry systems to communal properties such as blocks of flats or office accommodation.